Sell More & Work Less: Web Selling Techniques Everyone Should Use

The more virtual your business, the more flexible the hours, the lower the overhead, and the greater the profit potential. Sell More & Work Less will help sales professionals seeking to sell better and more efficiently, a cash-poor entrepreneur, a small business scrambling for expansion capital, an existing business seeking to improve profits, or an independent professional hoping to improve the top line.

Our web based sales model has resulted in six-figure deals with people we've never met face to face-and never will-and small sales that would never be profitable in a traditional sales or business environment. In Sell More & Work Less, we review our 4-phase web based selling process using our unique Prospect Scorecard qualification system and cost effective web based tools and techniques. This book offers entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, aspiring or current salespeople, or any business executive:

  • 101 Web Based Sales Tips
  • 20 Power Tips to Improve Your Web Selling Skills
  • 10 Real - World Examples of Web Based Selling Scenarios
  • 8 In-Depth Reviews of Advanced Web Selling Techniques
  • 4 Sales Traps To Avoid
  • 4-Phase Virtual Sales Process - and how to build your own custom process
  • How to Build a Prospect Scorecard - a fast and simple way to qualify your best prospects
  • The 4-Phase Sales Process Workbook

Web based selling is the wave of the future - and available now - for all salespeople and businesses. Even a partially web based sales operation can be more efficient, more effective and more profitable that a traditional brick and mortar operation. Sell More & Work Less is a fast and easy read, offering quick tips, in depth reviews and real world scenarios to help existing or aspiring sales people to sell more... and work less. | |